Aloha My Friends!

If you love Hawaii as much as I do, then you will be glad you stopped by! I do not live in Hawaii, but it is a goal of mine - one I hope to acheive very soon. But, to pass time as I wait until the day I can, I spend my time developing Hawaii websites and vacatioining in Hawaii... it's perfect for me since I am both a web developer and in love with Hawaii!

Hawaii Vacation Paradise

My wife and I vacation to Hawaii as much as possible. I've devoted this site to simply vacationing in Hawaii. Some tips, stories, resources, and other great information. It's developing into a pretty good Hawaii vacation guide. Click here to visit Hawaii Vacation Paradise.

The Hawaii Directory

I started this website in April of 2005 when I realized that I had a ton of Hawaii websites bookmarked. I thought it would be cool to have these sites on a website instead of my local browser... and then I thought it would be cool to let other website owners submit their Hawaii websites. Before I knew it, website owners were submitting their websites to the directory and it started to grow. Today, it's a pretty good collection of quality Hawaii websites organized in an easy to follow structure so you can find what you are looking for. I've got some other sweet stuff on the site as well... just take a look! Click here to visit The Hawaii Directory.

You Got Leied

This is just a fun little website I created... check it out and lei somebody today! Click here to visit You Got Leied.


This is website is not done yet, but I expect to be launching soon. It is turning out to be one of the coolest projects I have ever worked on... I am looking forward to launching and sharing it with you all! Click here to visit Hawaiiology.