Niche Directories are Better Than Search Engines

By Aloha Scott

Niche directories are great for the web. Some argue that they are no good, but I highly beg to differ... in fact, so much so, that I would say that many niche directories are better than search engines. Not all, but some are. Good directories are highly valuable to both web surfers and website owners. Visitors are able to find what they're looking for faster and easier.

If you don't know what niche directories are, they are directories of websites that focus on one certain subject -- or niche.

I am not talking link farms and FFA type websites. I am talking about nicely organized, well designed, visually appealing websites that contain websites that have been completely human-reviewed -- no spiders just automatically adding them to the database. These website directories look good, are easy to navigate, and you can find what you are looking for fast.

Since the websites that are contained in the directory are all human reviews, you can be sure no junk websites have been included.

Now days, all the search enignes, including the big 3 - Google, Yahoo, and MSN - are unindated with millions of "Adsense" websites. These websites are complete junk. They are designed to get into search engines quickly, and attract visitors for the simple purpose of making money with Adsense or other similar ad programs.

These websites do not care about the visitor. The only people who like them are the people who own the websites are making money off of the ads that are displayed. They boast no original content and some of them don't even make any sense. It's difficult for a search engine spider to recognize these websites, but people are not so stupid and can see right through them.

This is the beauty of niche directories. With human's reviewing each website before it is listed, these junk websites never make it in.

I run a niche directory that focuses on Hawaii and I see websites like these getting submitted all the time. It takes me all of 2 seconds from opening the website's homepage to determine what it is. It then takes me even less time to decline the website for inclusion in the directory if it doesn't fit.

Search engines may be a bit more automated, but you'll get better results searching in a niche directory. No time wasting. Although search engines are constantly improving their algorithms, there is still just nothing better than the human brain.

Don't get me wrong, search engines are great, but if you are looking for information on Hawaii, a good directory of Hawaii websites will give you better results than a search engine might. If you are an owner of a Hawaii website, it will be much easier for visitors to find it if you have it listed in a directory of Hawaii websites.

They key with niche directories is that you won't find junk websites that are currenly infiltrating the search engines like it's going out of style.

Directories can, many times, develop into little communities. A surfer who is just browsing for Hawaii related information and websites will have more fun digging around in a Hawaii website directory opposed to just searching in the search engines for specific things. They will come across many websites that he or she may have never stumbled upon had they limited themselves to search engine's only.

The bottom line is this...

If you are a website owner, find niche directories that your website will fit into and submit it for inclusion. If you are searching for certain information, find a good niche website directory that fits the subject you are searching. Once you find a good directory on a subject that interests you, you will find yourself going back to that directory over and over again.

You can visit The Hawaii Directory, a niche directory of Hawaii, by going to